Gloss Is Here to Stay: 4 Byrdie Editors on Their Picks for Plumped Up Shine

We’re calling it now: it’s the year of the plump, glossy lip. Popping up everywhere from the big screen to the red carpet, celebs, models and everyone in between are saying farewell to matte lips in favor of slicker, juicer pouts. What’s more is the advancements that have been made in plumping formulas have upped the ante when it comes to enhancing your natural lips, sans needles. Unanimously, Too Faced’s Lip Injection Collection is where our editors turn when they want to try out a plumped pout, without the commitment. Ahead, four Byrdie editors put different products in the Lip Injection Collection to the test, and the results are….*chef’s kiss*. 

Your Perfect Pout

Whether you're an Original, an Extreme, or even a Maximum Plump, Too Faced's Lip Injection collection has something for everyone. Your perfect pout is a swipe away.

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